It's Time to Pass the Community Bill of Rights

Building an economically and environmentally sustainable Spokane by creating a movement of people who overturn corporate governance and assert their right to democratic community self-government.

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Today, residents don’t control how their neighborhood is developed. A Community Bill of Rights would give residents decision-making power over major development in their neighborhoods.

Spokane River

Today, the Spokane River is one of the most polluted rivers in the country. A Community Bill of Rights would create greater protections for the river and the aquifer.

Worker Rights

Today, workers in the private sector forfeit their federal Bill of Rights protections when they enter the workplace. A Community Bill of Rights would change that.

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  • CELDF Statement: Spokane Initiative Decision

    From CELDF: February 4th, 2015 The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) is pleased to share some promising news in the growing Community Rights Movement, as we organize to secure and protect local, democratic rights and self-governing authority. In Spokane, Washington, where CELDF has been organizing for many years in partnership with Envision Spokane, corporations […]

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  • Envision Spokane wins appeal, voters to get a third chance to consider

    Article from The Spokesman (1/29/2015): Envision Spokane, a  wide-ranging initiative that twice failed at the polls, will be before voters again, after a decision today by a state appellate court. A unanimous decision by the court today ruled against the 2013 decision by a Superior Court judge to remove the controversial measure from the general election ballot. Read […]

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  • Appeals Court to Consider Community Bill of Rights

    Spokane (1/6/2014) – On August 23, 2013 Spokane Superior Court Judge Moreno denied a citizen vote on the Community Bill of Rights and Fair and Clean Elections ordinance. Both had duly qualified to be on the November 2013 ballot via the citizen initiative process.Envision Spokane – proponents of the Community Bill of Rights – have […]

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